the musicians

The musicians

Many thanks to the musicians who collaborated generously to make this record possible


Eliza Carthy (fiddle)

Eliza Carthy is an English fiddler and singer who is one of the leading folk musicians in the UK, known for her innovative interpretations of traditional songs and tunes.


Angharad Jenkins

Angharad Jenkins is a fiddler from South Wales who is member of Calan. She is also known for her duo with her mother Delyth Jenkins a harpist.


Angharad James (Cello)

Angharad James trained in cello at the Royal College of Music in Cardiff. She is originally from Aberteifi.


Alan Coy (Sousaphone)

Alan Coy, plays tuba, sousaphone and guitar. He lives in Fishguard and is an active member of local brass ensembles.


Patrick de Broux

Patrick de Broux, who plays hurdy gurdy on this CD, also plays a number of folk stringed instruments. Patrick is originally from Belgium and now lives in North Pembrokeshire.


Lee Mason Recording Engineer

Lee Mason is a record producer and engineer. He also plays guitar with Lowri Evans and is a member of the band Welsh Whispers.


Fflach Studios

Fflach studios are based in Aberteifi (Cardigan). The label are known for their encouragement of traditional music and have been in operation for 40 years.


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